Rise in Wind Energy Consumption to Spur the Wind Turbine Monitoring Devices Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: QY Market Research | Electronic Device

Condition monitoring is a device that observes the health of the turbine components and linked electrical systems. It assists the wind farm operators and owners by prophesying maintenance problems, which aids in substitution of components only when required. The monitoring system for wind turbine components allow the early revealing of component weakening using parameters, such as temperature and vibration, and thus avert more damage.They also allow the instant ordering of substitution components for amplified uptime. Besides, the maintenance charges can be saved as wind turbines are monitored distantly, decreasing the necessity for site visits.

At present, the increasing patent filings are the latest trend attaining push in the wind turbine monitoring systems market. Even the rising spending by merchants on the R&D activities is resulting in product innovation, which, in turn, boosting the market growth. There are several factors influencing the growth of the Market mentioned in detail below.

High failure of wind turbine components

A wind turbine is constructed by incorporatingnumerous components and technologies from hydraulics, automation, and aeronautics. Any impairment to the wind turbine generator will unfavorably influence the complete functioning of the wind turbine. Owing to the wind’s dynamic nature, these generators undergo several recurrent mechanical stress and load variations, which can result in their breakdown. Consequently, the component failure negatively influences the wind turbine’sperformance. Nonetheless, the occurrence of these mishaps can be preventedwith the existence of the monitoring systems for wind turbine.

Increase in consumption of wind energy

The majority of countries are changing their focus to renewable energy sources from non-renewable energy sources owingto the exhaustion of conventional energy sources. Wind power among the most effectual sources of renewable energy.

Support by the Regulatoryfor wind energy projects

Wind energy projects are being supported by the government across the world via tax incentives and favorable policies. For example, the feed-in tariff policy was initiated to motivate spending in technologies associated with renewable energy production. Such type of government support stimulatesseveral investors to spend more on wind energy projects, which ultimatelydrives the requirement for monitoring systems. There is a worldwide realizationof the long-term advantages and potential of using wind energy.